The digital era, the computer science, the new technologies, all these are drastically and very rapidly changing our life. More and more, the computers and the digital systems use these so innovative techniques.

It makes sense then, that , as time goes on, new artists use these new technologies, so we find more and more artists using all these innovative ways to express themselves.  Now, everywhere in the entire world are appearing plastic arts and leisure activities related with the digital world.  

¿Could you ever imagine a gallery or an exhibition hall without any paintings at all? Can you imagine the frames of the objects replaced by screens made by crystal liquid of 50” and everything in color? ¿Can you imagine pieces of art that become alive and that move in front of our concentrated and attentive look?

The education center CEINA as a company that constantly provides information about these new technologies in our country,  in the year  1996 created the so called  "Premi Jaume Graells d’art digital”  , which is the “Award Jaume Graells for the digital arts ”. The main purpose for them when creating this award was to give the opportunity to all the people working in the Arts and applied design to be able to show their pieces of art to the general public.

This award is currently sponsored and well welcomed by all the companies that are linked to the new technologies and to the design as well as the public institutions, that guarantee the quality and  prestige of the awards and the good quality of the presented projects, and pieces of art that participate.

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