Award rules 2019
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Award rules 2019

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The City Council of Igualada and the company CEINA announce the 23th Digital Art Award Jaume Graells .

Conditions of entry:

1st. The award is aimed at art schools, design schools, amateur designers and graphic design enthusiasts, in order to promote and reward the artistic effort and the use of new technologies. Participation can be either individual or collective, and from any geographical origin.

2nd.The papers presented can include dynamic, static, interactive and audiovisual works. In any case, the artistic result will be valued more than the elaboration process, which in all cases must be exclusively digital.

3rd. The subject and the applications used are free. The submitted works must be original and must obviously have artistic creativity. Any copy or reference to other existing works by other authors is automatically excluded.

4th. There is a maximum of three works per author. The works must be submitted digitally via e-mail to premis@ceina.com. If they take up too much space, the works can be recorded in a DVD or CD and then submitted in an envelope, where the name of the file, the application which has been generated and any technical information necessary to ensure the optimal display of the work (screen resolution, number of colours, etc.) should be stated. Inside the very same envelope, it is essential to include an opaque, closed envelope with information about the author (name, address, telephone and ID photocopy) in order to preserve the anonymity. The envelope should also include an explanation on what the author seeks to capture in his work. If the work is sent via e-mail, all these data should also be included.

If members of CEINA see it fit, in case of technical problems, they may request the assistance of the author so that the Jury can visualize the work without any problems.

5th. Works can be submitted until 20 September 2019, to Avinguda Europa 7-9, 08700 Igualada, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., of monday to thursday.

6th.First Prize. The “City of Igualada” Award will be granted, as well as an original Corel licence, and a 1.800€ endowment. The award will be granted to the best work of either of the two possible categories.  The perception of these prizes will be subject to tax withholding in accordance with article 75 of RD 439/2007, of March 30, which approves the Regulation of income of natural persons.

Runner-up Award. An original Corel licence and a Diploma of Merit will be awarded. The Jury may leave the award vacant The winners or legal representatives who do no collect their award during the ceremony will lose all their rights. The winner of each edition will not be able to enter the next one, and he or she will be invited to join the Jury the following year.

During 2020, the winner of the “City of Igualada” Award will be able to show his or her complete collection of works in one of the showrooms of the City Council.

7th. The Jury will consist on a representative from CEINA, three citizens from Igualada associated with the world of design, the former winner and a representative from the City Council and, as observers, one representative from each of the sponsoring companies. The Jury’s verdict will be final.

8th.The reading of the verdict and the award ceremony will take place on Sunday 24 November 2019, during the “City of Igualada” Awards ceremony.

9th.All the computer materials submitted for this award (CDs and other types of materials) will be returned to the contestants, if requested, and they will be able to collect them at the offices of CEINA until 31 January 2020.

10th.The submitted works will be property of CEINA for the use and promotion of actions related with the award, excluding any commercial purposes unrelated with the contest and preserving the copyright of the works. CEINA will have the right to use the awarded works as it sees fit, accepting that the payment of the prize gives the sponsors the right for using the work.

11th.The submitted works will be shown to public in a website especially designed for this purpose (www.ceina.com/artdigital). There may be a link from the sponsoring companies to this website.

12th. Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of and agreement with these conditions. Any issue not considered in this Conditions of Entry will be dealt with the organizers.

13th. For any further enquiries about the prize conditions, contact Teresa Creus, the person in charge of the award, at CEINA, tel. 93 805 00 94, on the websites www.igualada.cat or www.ceina.com/artdigital, or via e-mail. For questions and enquiries, you can send your e-mails to: premis@ceina.com

Igualada, march 2019

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